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Language: English

Series: Adventures of the Bubbon Cats for kids age: 4-8 years

A Story of True Magic

An amazing illustrated book that goes beyond its vibrant pictures. 

Ryan and Dolly are two curious Bubbon cats from the
mysterious planet Oza. When they start squabbling over a beautiful seashell they get help from a most unlikely and most magical source. To decide to whom the seashell belongs, they must work as a team to complete a difficult task. As they embark on their mission, they discover something even more special.

This is a fantastic journey that teaches children the importance of finding common ground and nurturing true friendship.

Who are Ryan and Dolly?


Influenced by Luca 

Super powers:  Super energy

Likes: building his custom designed masterpieces from lego, numbers, video games, sport and orange juice

Dislikes: trying new food and setting up his bed


Influenced by Kira

Super powers: Empathy

Likes: dolls, pretty things, role play, making mess and clean , drawing and ice cream

Dislikes: pokemons, uncomfortable clothes, being told she is not allowed to do something.

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